Hi, my name is Jay Sawyer and
Stemwinder Sculpture Works & Gardens
represents two passions in my life; creativity and independence. The "Sculpture Works" part actually started as Sawyer's Welding & Mobile Repair in 1994, after working several years as a Marine Engineer.

Fabrication, repair and maintenance skills were fine tuned. Suddenly requests were coming from artists, gallery owners and architects for consultation and collaboration. Along with great input from a handful of mentors, this has allowed my shop to
evolve into a well-rounded "studio".

The "Gardens" part is a result of almost
thirty years of effort to highlight the natural beauty of the property we are lucky to own. What you will experience when you visit the sculpture garden
​is a wonderful marriage of nature and art. 

 You can stroll over three acres of lawn,
pond and pine grove where dozens of
sculptures are carefully sited, most for sale. 

​Most of the sculpture is inspired by found objects or discarded materials. This inevitably leads to a body of work with a wide variety, however, most are rustic and very suitable for outdoor environments. 
My appreciation for form and balance is applied to these materials that represent time and a previous purpose for existing, giving each piece its own unique story.

There are literally hundreds of you I want to thank for supporting my dreams. I invite you to take a ride
​with me and see where this thing goes!

my story